About Us


Welcome to our store.

My wife and I started Herlingeriestore.com because we found that good quality lingerie had become too expensive if you want to own as much as you need as a female.

That's why we began to seek a solution, and that quest led us to found Herlingeriestore.com. It wasn't an easy journey, as finding a way to marry good quality and affordability is quite a challenge, be we found it and the result is our online store.

Our mission is to help all women rediscover their best sexy by bringing affordable but very good quality lingerie to them. That's why our slogan says "Put Your Best Sexy Forward." We help you do that by delivering good quality lingerie to fit your every mood.

We want to reach a place where every woman can indulge all their intimate moods with the right lingerie because they don't have to worry about the cost, and we invite you to come on this journey with us.

Thank you.

Chika & Boodie